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As of Nov. 12th, 2005, Rapid Electronics moved to Elledge Music at 518 W. Northern Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004. This will be a drop off & pick up point for Rapid Electronics. I was forced to take a Electrician job at the Steel Mill to survive and will be doing Rapid Electronics part time out of my house shop. Our phone is the same, (719-544-4478). We will no longer be doing Car Stereo, Camcorder or Microwave oven repairs. I will still look at VCR's and DVD's, evan though some may not be worth repairing. I will look at TV's on a case by case basis on service calls, and again, some may not be worth repairing.

We are still currently Factory Authorized Service for Mackie, Casio Keyboards/Pianos, Peavey, Mesa Boogie, Korg, Marshall, Vox, Park, Gallien-Krueger, Genz Benz, Fender/Squier and SWR. In October 2008, we became authorized service with Kustom, and in February 2009 we became authorized service for Samson, Eden, Randall and Hartke. In 2014, we became an authorized service center for Roland. Currently, I am not doing any service on guitars etc., but Fireweed Music Guitar & Instrument Repair, also working out of Elledge Music has a great repair shop right there in the store, for guitars, basses. etc. They are very good and actually build acoustic guitars from scratch! They are also Factory Authorized service for all Fender, Gibson, Ibenez & Alverez stringed products, and can take care of any type of problem you may have with your axes! Tell Mike, Damian and Tom that I sent you there!

Rapid Electronics is still a Dealer for Harris Teller, Magic Parts and Shar Music Corporation and we are still the only Exclusive Dealer for Ruby Tubes here in Pueblo! Great tubes, we use them in all our guitar amps and so does Carlos Santana, among others in their amps!

We have done service for musicians from all over Colorado and the surounding states as well. Please note, at Rapid Electronics Musicians Do Come First. We know you are out there working every weekend and you need your equipment repaired professionally and quickly!!!!

So, if you are from Pueblo or the surrounding area, now you know that we are here and we can take care of any problems that you may have.

We also include a ninety day warranty on all of our repairs. “We Stand Behind Our Work!”