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Rapid Ray's Bio

During my high school time, I got into racing motorcycles, (motocross), and had earned my expert license by my senior year. By the time I graduated from college, I was into roadracing, and I found that I was a lot better at this, versus the motocross thing. In 1984, I brought Pueblo it's first MRA superbike title, (750 Superbike), and the number 4 overall plate.

I have been interested in electronics ever since I was very young along with music. I started playing the guitar at age nine while I was living in upstate New York in middle school. I moved to Pueblo in 1973 and started high school at East High, where I got into the electronics classes that were offered there. I graduated in 1977 with 1080 hours of electronics and I have been working in electronics ever since. I graduated from Pueblo Community College in 1984 with an associate degree in electronics, doing the night class thing for 4 years while working full time in several different TV shops during the day. 

During the summer of 84, I was hired by Sperry Defense Systems and sent to St. Paul, MN, to train on the B2 stealth bomber program, were we built some of the computers that went in it. My college degree finally paid off and I thought I was set for life as far as a career. To make a long story short, I spent ten years with Sperry/Unisys and was laid off and I was very tired of big company politics! During that time, I brought Pueblo another superbike title, (450 Superbike) and a top three plate in 86. I retired from roadracing at the end of the 87 season.

In April 94, I was laid off from now Unisys, and it was decision time. That’s when I decided to be my own boss and started Rapid Electronics out of my house, building up accounts that I would pick-up and deliver to my customers. In February 95, I out-grew my house and started renting the commercial building I’m in now at 726 East 4th Street. I put my house on the line for a loan to get the business started for all the additional equipment I needed to get going in the new building and the rest is Rock & Roll!! Business is getting better all the time and in January, 2001, I bought the commercial building I’m in, and now we evan have a web site. I really like being my own boss!!

As some businesses change, Rapid Electronics has changed as well. With the aftermath of 9/11, things started going downhill in the summer after 9/11 and never recovered. Now, to make things worse, in the last couple of years with the market of the super cheap TV's, VCR's, DVD's etc., where it is now cheaper to replace them, than it is to repair them, business at Rapid Electronics and every other TV Repair shop in the United States has suffered imensley! Many have closed their doors for good!

The point finally came with my savings exhausted and my credit rating going downhill fast, to make a change to keep a roof over my head! I was forced to take a regular job at the steel mill here in Pueblo, as an Electrician, and start doing Rapid Electronics part time on Nov. 12th, 2005. So, we moved the shop to Elledge Music at 518 W. Northern Ave. as a drop off & pick up point for Rapid Electronics and set up shop at home and continue to do Rapid Electronics on a part time basis. This will continue the job of supporting the Musicians in Southern Colorado with their equipment problems and continue all the Factory Authorized Service for many brands.